Saleh Tasbihi

Compound Incidents

As a result of an incidents, more disasters will come. Poverty, Emigration under pressure, change the context of society, nuclear radiation and ruined cities are the results of incidents of a war, or so called “compound incidents”.
Compound incidents has mesmerized the human to a half-man half-crash creature. A creature that divided because of biological incidents. But the affair that made this metamorphosis process possible is not by the biology, nor Tsunami, earthquake or epidemic. Now it’s over hundred years that wars changes the meaning of mankind and every title (like race and generation) that participated with it. world war one and two, Europe civil wars, far east wars, battles of north-south America and of curse non-stop wars in middle east has made our history pages fallen apart and as a result there is a smell of powder comes from pictures, letters, cloths, eyes and every single hair on our body. With this constant variation, its possible to think about a new evolution of rotation and another step in human perfection story. But the question is how? “Killing another one” is it a way through the top or down? is it possible to say compound incidents are the wrong accomplishments of well-armed human? Are the war refugees who lost in deserts and burnt meadows, can describe this accomplishments? Or maybe bloody clothes, crashed suitcases, ruined houses and burnt cities are the beginning of our way back to barbarism. This is a situation. This is Our contemporary age. There is a changing of this situation beneath of materials: Change of tranquility and immovability to agitation and violence. Also we face with the fact that lost memories taken the place of true calmness.
In this series I face with cut of situations. By working with wood and glass and also ordinary things of everyday life, I tried to search for consequence and backwash of war over human life. Consequences that doesn’t have an exact point with war, but had massive effects on human soul. There are a lot of installation in box or similar things in history of art. But there is two difference that divided my job from the others. At first: graphical pictures in boxes. And then: making a touch between the pictures and boxes and everything in it.