Javad Modaresi

Black Forest

Nov  2015

The drawings which you see in this exhibition can be categorized in three categories which are nature, architecture and abstraction. No need to say that this categorization is vague to some extent and in some fields they are mixed together. The important part of this set for me was seeking the role of texture in both real and unreal universe and the second one was seeking the pseudo-dream of a Black Forest.
The surface of a object is outermost layer of that object and is where can be indexed by sight and tactility. For example a chair is the part of it that is disposable to our sight and tactility. Up to here no semantic is not constructed. However, as soon as we think about the reason and applications of objects, the semantic will be emerged. In fact, a chair has two aspects: The mass of the chair which shapes it and the concept of the chair which constructs its application. The concept of the chair says that we should sit on it, and how to sit on it and which chair is proper for whom. Concepts construct the rules and the rules build the applications and the applications lead to interests. But the mass of the chair, is mostly observable on its surface, does not construct anything. The surface is for touch and see. Now if we cease here and highlight the objectivity of the surface which is under our vision and tactility we will reach to the texture. The texture is the quality of tactility and vision of the surface of the objects. Every surface has a texture. The texture excepts the color, material and the the surface temperature of the object. The texture is the set of ups and downs, hardness and softness, efficiencies and deficiencies, smoothness and penumbra. This set is a pre-object more than an object. In other words, vision and tactility happens when the objectivity of the object is still on its way, just like a stranger in a Black Forest.